AV Power (and $$$) Saving

n Convenience—power up AV equipment from your couch

n Economic—save money by only turning AV components on when you are using them

n Easily installed using:

l 1 AM-01 appliance module

l 1 UPB desktop controller

l 1 power strip

l 1 TIM-01 UPB timer

THE GREEN SIDE OF LIGHTING CONTROL. You may think your AV gear is no longer drawing power when it is turned off, but that is most likely not the case.   Most components are left in standby mode which continues to draw power.  Some studies have shown that standby mode represents 40% or more of your total AV power use in any given month.  No AV component actually consumes 40% of full power in standby mode, but that doesn’t mean the studies are flawed. 

Taking just a 39” TV as an example, it might draw 50W when on and 8W when in standby.  If you watch TV an average of 4 hours per day, you will expend 200W while the TV is on and another 160W while it is off.  Your total daily usage would be 360W, of which 160/360 = 44% is consumed while the TV is “off”.  Add cable box, VCR, DVD player and receiver to the mix and you might be wasting as much as 1000W per day.  If your power is offered on time-of-day pricing (a method that we all will face eventually), some of those wasted Watts can be pretty darned expensive.


Save money and energy by turning off unused AV gear.

Save those wasted Watts by connecting your AV power strip to an AM-01 Appliance module and put a UPB desktop controller next to your couch.  Now you can kill or power up your entire AV stack quickly and conveniently.

To compensate for the times when you forget to turn the power strip off, consider adding a TIM-01 timer to turn the AV strip off early in the morning or during work days.  The TIM-01 offers incredible flexibility, enabling you to set up elaborate time-of-day and day-of-week schedules.  It also supports a trigger function that allows you to suspend scheduled programs when you want to watch or listen at unusual times of the day or night.