IF YOU AWAKEN SOME MORNING alone in bed but  in an amorous mood, it can be chilling, not to mention potentially embarrassing, to have to stroll out to the kitchen where your spouse is making coffee in order to announce your predicament.  An effective technique to get your spouse to come to you is to use your bedside controller to continually turn the kitchen lights on and off.  At first your spouse will just assume that your lighting control system is flaky, but eventually s/he will stomp back to the bedroom to complain about the unreliability of your fancy automated system.  How you close the deal from there is up to you.


Amorous Summons

(based on a true story)

n Convenience—indicate your desire for romance without leaving the comfort of your bed

n Ego—regale your friends about the benefits UPB can bring to your love life

n Easily installed using:

l 1 Multi-button controller

l Various UPB lighting modules throughout the house


(This application is intended for consenting adults only)

7:15:01 am

7:15:04 am

7:15:10 am

7:15:44 am

7:15:07 am