MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS TURNED OFF when you leave the house.  By setting up a multi-button controller right next to the garage door opener button, you can easily turn off any light or module that you don’t want on when the house is unoccupied.  Set up one of the buttons to send out a UPB link that turns off all unnecessary lights and appliances.  Program a second button to undo all these effects when you return home (see the Home Scene Killer Applet for more information).  If you want your house to look lived in when you are gone, use a TIM-01 timer to set up timed programs that you want to run only when the house is not occupied.  Add a trigger to the TIM-01 to enable this timed program and another trigger to suspend the timed program.  Now when the multi-button is used to send a link to turn off unneeded devices, have that same link trigger the timer to enable the lived-in look program. 

By adding a TU-16 UPB thermostat, you can also turn the heat down (or air up) whenever you leave the house and return to the appropriate time-of-day program when you return.  If you want to turn the heat up (or air down) an hour or more before you return home so the house is comfortable when you arrive, use a Remote Universal Controller (RUC-01) or other UPB controller that can be accessed from a web-phone.

Away Scene

If you want the additional security offered by a well-lit house when you leave home after dark, set up a trigger on the TIM-01 to delay the actual start of the Away Scene until 5 or 10 minutes after the Away Scene button has been pressed.

n Convenience—set every device from a single location

n Economic—save energy by ensuring that every unneeded device is turned off when no one is home

n Easily installed using:

l 1 multi-button controller

l Any number of additional UPB modules

l 1 UPB Timer (optional)

l 1 TU-16 UPB Thermostat (optional)

Set all devices in the house just the way you want them when no one is home