Bachelor’s Friend

n Fun—Dim the room lights so slowly that no one is aware until they’re off!

n Security—Let children feel secure by starting bedtime with the lights on

n Easily installed using:

l 1 or more dimming lamp or wall switch modules

l 1 desktop or wall-mount controller


WHEN IT’S TIME FOR A ROMANTIC EVENING, use UPB’s extended fade rate to slowly but surely set just the right mood.  Dimming from on to off over an hour timeframe is a barely perceptible operation.  No need to interrupt an intimate conversation by getting up to adjust the lights, just sip your wine and relax in the gathering dusk.

Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to plan a romantic evening, use this same feature to help youngsters settle into bedtime in the security of a still-lit bedroom.  Set the child’s bedroom lights to a



Set a romantic mood slowly...

comforting level, then let them dim down over an hour, by which time the child will be fast asleep.  If the child is frightened by waking up in the middle of the night to a dark room, dim the lights down over time, but leave them at 10-20% - just enough glow to take the edge off the child’s fear.