Bathroom Buddy

n Safety—Make those midnight trips to the bathroom with less risk of injury

n Comfort—Let your partner sleep when you need to get up in the early morning

n Easily installed using:

l 1 or more dimming wall switch modules

l 2 desktop controllers


MOST HOME INJURIES OCCUR AT NIGHT, especially when the call of nature arouses you from a peaceful sleep.  Because many of us try to “feel” our way to the bathroom to avoid awakening our partner or shocking our own systems into a sleepless state, the most common household injuries involve sprained and broken arms and legs as a result of falling over a chair, footstool, dog, shoes etc.













Be safe even when necessity calls


12:01 am

Lower your risk by installing one or more dimmers in the bathroom and a desktop controller on each side of the bed.  Program the lights to come on at 20-30% when the appropriate button is pushed on the bedside controller.  Now when it’s time to go you can do so in comfort and safety without disturbing your partner.