BATHROOM FANS are as frustrating as they are useful.  Turning one on to control odors or evacuate shower steam makes your house so much more comfortable.  But the quandary is how to control that fan if you’d like to have it continue doing its work even after you’ve finished with the bathroom.  A simple spring-loaded timer is a half-hearted solution to this problem, but with UPB you can have complete control.

Install an SW-711 wall switch in place of the wall switch that now controls your bathroom fan.  It’s very important that you use UPStart to program this switch for simple on/off operation.  This switch is not intended to be used as a variable speed controller for any type of fan, so failure to do this will put your equipment at risk and void your warranties on the switch and the fan.  YOU MUST DISABLE THE DIMMER CAPABILITY OF THIS SWITCH.

Now use UPStart to have the switch send a link externally.  Do not use use Link241 for this purpose.  Change the switch settings so the top rocker sends a Linkxxx Activate (other than 241) and the bottom rocker sends a Linkxxx Deactivate.  In addition, remove the Link241 from the receive table, and add Linkxxx to the receive table.  On an Activate, have the load snap to 100%.

Now set up a trigger on your TIM-01 timer to set a countdown timer in action anytime a Linkxxx Activate is seen on the powerline.  Set up your preferred delay time, then have the trigger function issue a Linkxxx Deactivate after that delay time is up.

With this setup you can turn the fan on and off from the switch, but if it is turned on and left on, the Timer will turn the fan back off after the programmed delay time has elapsed.  You can optionally control the fan from anywhere in the house with a multi-button controller.  If the bathroom user knows that she needs more bathroom time than the delay counter is set for, just by hitting the top rocker a second time a new delay period will start running and the fan will not turn off prematurely.

Bathroom Fan Control

n Convenience—automatically turn off a bathroom fan that was left running

n Economic—save energy by turning off fans automatically without having to depend on remembering to turn them off later

n Comfort—control bathroom steam without wasting energy or making extra trips to the fan switch

n Easily installed using:

l 1 SW-711

l 1 TIM-01

l 1 Multi-button controller


Turn off a bathroom fan automatically