SOMETIMES IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to predict exactly when you’ll be home—especially if your vacation home schedule is not set in stone.  With UPB, you can alert your home minutes or hours before you arrive and turn the heat up (or air down), turn the water heater up and pre-light the house just the way you want it when you make your grand entrance.

With a Web Mountain Remote Universal Controller (RUC-01) and an internet connection, you can access your UPB network from your office, a hotel, an airport, or even from your web-enabled phone.  Set up your RUC-01 to prepare your home for your arrival.  Have the macro set the TU16 thermostat to the temperature you prefer.  Also have the macro turn on the electric hot water heater (via a 220V DPST relay if necessary).  See the Killer Applet titled “UPB Control of 220V Devices” for more details.

As a finishing touch, have the house lit just the way you love it when you arrive.  Even if you are alerting the home many hours in advance (in order to give the HVAC system time to reach the right comfort level), your RUC-01 can delay the lighting initiatives until just before your expected ETA.


Be Home Soon

See the Home Scene Killer Applet for more information about easily turning everything down to maximum energy saving levels when you leave the house, whether it be for a few hours or many months.

n Convenience—use the internet or your phone to set up your house for arrival

n Economic—save considerable energy by turning the HVAC down, turn the water heater off  and turn all unneeded lights off when your house is unoccupied

n Comfort—have your house set just the way you want when you arrive, while still reaping the energy benefits of low settings when the house is not in use

n Easily installed using:

l 1 RUC-01 and SPIM-01

l 1 SW-7 or FXR-01 and 1 220V DPST standalone relay for the electric water heater

l Internet connection

l 1 TU16 UPB Thermostat

l Various UPB lighting modules

Prepare your home for your early arrival

2:30 pm

5:30 pm