Bedside Control of House Lights

n Safety and security light up the house immediately if you hear a strange noise

n Convenience — turn lights on and off from your bedside

n Easily installed using:

l 2 or more lamp or
appliance modules

l 1 Desktop controller

l Wall dimmers (optional)

l Intelligent controller (optional)

l 1 Computer interface module (optional)

SOMEONE (we’re not saying who) forgot to turn off the lights, but you’re already in bed.  What to do? Use a UPB bedside controller to turn them all off without so much as getting out of bed. Or make your house smart enough to do the work. Use the intelligent controller to set up a macro so when you turn your bedside light off, ALL other lights in the house go off as well. In either case, if you prefer diffuse light to total darkness, use UPB’s nearly unlimited dimming features to set lighting levels to your liking.


What do you do if you hear a noise in the middle of the night? With UPB-controlled lights and a UPB bedside controller, turn all the lights on so you can investigate safely. 

Turn all the lights on or off from your bedside.