Nighttime- (or Daylight-) Only


n Comfort only turn on lights at night, when you really need them

n Savings—by restricting security applications that turn on lights to operate only in the evening, you can reduce energy use and save $$$

n Easily installed using:

l 1 CM-01 IO module

l 1 TIM-01 UPB timer

l Contact switches, motion detectors or other devices that open and close contacts

l Various other UPB modules (optional)

IT’S GREAT TO have your house light up when you come home late at night, but it’s not as exciting to light it up when you open your garage door during the day.  Likewise, motion detectors that automatically light up a room when someone enters (and then turn those same lights off after movement ceases) are annoying if they insist on turning on lights during the day when natural lighting is more than sufficient.

You can restrict these and other similar applications to operate only during the hours that you select by using a simple trick.  To restrict the secure entry application so it only lights up the house between sunset and midnight, use a CM-01 IO module, a TIM-01 UPB timer and a set of magnetic contacts to accomplish the goal.  Wire the CM-01 as shown in the diagram (make sure to jumper from Pin 2 to Pin 9), then program the TIM-01 to send a link that will open the contacts on Output 1 of the CM-01 at midnight.  Set up a second program on the TIM-01 to send a link to close those same contacts  at sunset (the TIM-01 has an astronomical clock that calculates sunrise and sunset for any location on any day).

You can use a similar trick to restrict scenes to only day-time hours.  For example, you may be using an IO Module to flash the lights in the house when the phone rings so you won’t miss an important call even if the TV or stereo is blaring.  A  ringing telephone in the middle of the night is jarring enough.  Having all the lights in the house flash at the same time may be more than your family could bear.  Use this technique to restrict the light flashing scenario to waking hours.

Restrict secure entry or motion detector applications to only operate at night, (or during the day—your choice!)