Emergency All Lights On

n Safety and Security turn all lights on if you hear a strange noise or other emergency situations arise.

n Easily installed using:

l 1 tabletop controller

l One or more controlled lights

l Intelligent controller (optional)

l 1 Computer interface module (optional)

ALLAY CONCERNS if you or a loved one hears a strange noise at night.

Use a convenient tabletop controller to control all light switches and/or lamp modules located anywhere in or outside the house to frighten away a prowler or alert all occupants to an emergency condition.

By situating multi-button controllers in every bedroom and in other strategic locations, every family member can be within easy reach of an emergency alert button at all times.

Give your family the peace of mind that comes with the power to light up the entire house in an instant.  Prowlers hate light, but it can be a life saver when a family member is in distress.

Because of UPB’s incredible flexibility, you can program EVERY UPB light switch to support an Emergency All Lights On function.  Call us for details!

Turn all lights on if an emergency situation arises.