THE GAS FIREPLACE IS PLEASANT but it can also be a formidable heating appliance with the addition of a fan.  If your fireplace already has a built-in fan, use an FXR-01 and a multi-button controller to allow you to turn the fan on or off from your favorite easy chair.  You can also turn the fan on or off from any other controller you have in the house, enabling you to pre-warm a room by turning the flame and fan on from the bathroom, the kitchen or wherever you please.

Your fireplace will most likely provide an outlet near the gas control valve.  You can use that outlet for an AM-01 or AM-02 and a supplemental fireplace fan.  If there is no outlet handy, you will have to locate an outlet outside the fireplace unit and find a way to get the power cord from the fan to the AM-01 (or AM-02).


Fireplace Fan Control

CAUTION: The information in this document is not professional HVAC or electrical advice, but rather a description of an approach to solving a particular problem. If you are not completely proficient in the workings of a gas fireplace, please consult with a professional.  A gas fireplace can be very dangerous if installed incorrectly and should only be serviced by an experienced HVAC professional.


n Convenience—turn the fan on or off without having to get out of your comfortable chair

n Ego—impress your friends by “magically” turning your fireplace fan on or off

n Economic—make best use of your gas fireplace by forcing the heat into the room

n Comfort—let your gas fireplace warm you up rather than just gazing idly at the dancing flame

n Easily installed using:

l 1 AM-01, AM-02 or FXR-01

l 1 multi-button controller

Turn your fireplace fan on or off from your couch (or anyplace else in the house)

7:05 pm

7:10 pm