Fan Control

n Convenience — turn off a free standing fan while in bed using
your bedside controller

n Economic— save A/C costs by
using fans

n Easily installed using:

l 1 Appliance module

l 1 Desktop controller

DURING THOSE TIMES OF YEAR when you’re not using the air conditioner, it’s easy to cool  the temperature in your bedroom by using a free standing fan. If it’s hot, turn on the fan.  Studies show that a fan can make you feel 6 degrees cooler than the actual temperature. 

Plug the fan into an appliance module, which is plugged into the closest AC outlet. Then, program your desktop controller so that one button controls the fan. Now, when it’s hot, easily turn on the fan without getting out of bed. When the room cools sufficiently, use the desktop controller to  turn the fan off.

Easy and convenient!

Turn your free standing fan on or off from your bed.