FISH ARE JUST LIKE YOU - they thrive best when given alternating periods of daylight and dark, allowing them to adapt to the seasonal patterns of shortening and lengthening days just as you do.  Create the most natural environment for your wet friends by using the TIM-01 UPB timer to turn lights on at sunrise and off at sunset.

Many fish tank lighting systems also include multiple light types to give you better control over the lighting environment.  A hood with an actinic bulb, a full spectrum bulb and a moon light could be controlled by the UPB Timer to truly simulate natural lighting conditions.  Set up the TIM-01 to turn the actinic bulb on at sunrise, then have the full spectrum bulb come on one hour later.  Turn the full spectrum bulb off an hour before sunset and extinguish the actinic bulb right at sunset.  Run the moon lights from an hour after sunset until an hour before sunrise to create a realistic moon cycle.

What’s that?  You live in Alaska and sunrise and sunset there vary considerably from the tropics?  No problem—just set the latitude and longitude on the TIM-01 to values that best represent the locales your fishies come from and they will be as happy as clams!

Fish Tank Lights

Use your UPB tabletop controller to override the timed lighting control when you want to show off your aquarium at evening soirees.

n Convenience—turn on your fish tank lights automatically at sunrise every day

n Savings—protect your expensive investment AND save energy costs

n Easily installed using:

l 1 or more UPB appliance modules

l 1 UPB Timer

l 1 UPB tabletop controller (optional)

Give your fish and aquatic plants the most natural seasonal lighting

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