Freezer Protection

n Economic—protect your investment in meat and other foodstuffs

n Safety and Security—don’t risk preparing foods that may have spoiled due to freezer failure

n Easily installed using:

l 1 Input/output module

l 1 Temperature sensor
(e.g. the Ranco ETC-11100)

l 1 Computer interface module

l Intelligent controller

HAVE YOU EVER LOST POWER to your freezer, or had one fail?  If you don’t discover the problem quickly, you risk losing all of the food stored in it, a loss that can run into hundreds or thousands of dollar.  Protect against this by using a temperature sensor tied to an input/output module. When the temperature in the freezer exceeds a predetermined point, the temperature sensor closes a contact.

The input/output module detects this contact closure, and sends a
UPB signal to the intelligent controller. The intelligent controller can
be programmed to take a variety of actions upon detection of the contact closure. 

For example, if you are using a Web Mountain remote Universal Controller (RUC-01) the system could send an email to your cell phone, or to your work computer, warning you of the problem with the freezer, thereby allowing you time to mitigate the situation before you lose your investment in frozen foods.


Send an alarm if your freezer gets too warm.