YOU CONTROL YOUR LIGHTS REMOTELY so why not your gas fireplace as well?  If you have a gas fireplace with a standing pilot, you can use an IO module to replace the switch that now turns the fireplace on and off.  Check the installation manual for your fireplace to learn how to find the gas valve.  You will discover two low voltage wires coming from the on/off switch and connecting to 2 of the 3 poles on the valve.  Simply replace the two wires from the switch with wires that are inserted into pins 1 and 2 of a CM-01 IO module.  Now program the CM-01 module with UPStart so a Linkxxx Activate will close the contacts of  Output 1 on the IO module.  Make sure a Linkxxx Deactivate will open those same contacts.  To finish off, program a multi-button controller to have one of its buttons toggle between Linkxxx Activate and Linkxxx Deactivate when you push the button. (Alternately, you can send the Activate every time you push the button once and send the Deactivate every time you push the button twice.)

Your fireplace will most likely provide an outlet near the gas control valve.  You can use that outlet for the CM-01.  If there is no outlet handy, you will have to locate an outlet outside the fireplace unit and find a way to get the low voltage wires from the gas valve to the CM-01.

As a safety precaution, set up a trigger on your Version 3 (or higher) TIM-01 UPB Timer.  This trigger can be set to start a countdown timer whenever it sees a Linkxxx Activate on the powerline.  Setup the maximum time you want to allow the fireplace to run, then setup a Linkxxx Deactivate as the command for the Timer to send after that interval is up.  Now the TIM-01 will automatically turn the fireplace off after that pre-determined amount of time has elapsed.

Gas Fireplace Control

CAUTION: The information in this document is not professional HVAC advice, but rather a description of an approach to solving a particular problem. If you are not completely proficient in the workings of a gas fireplace, please consult with a professional.  A gas fireplace can be very dangerous if installed incorrectly and should only be serviced by an experienced HVAC professional.


n Convenience—turn the fire on or off without having to get out of your comfortable chair

n Ego—impress your friends by “magically” turning your fire on or off

n Economic—don’t waste gas because you’re too tired to get up and turn the fireplace off—do it remotely

n Safety—use the countdown feature of the TIM-01 to automatically turn off a fireplace after a set amount of time

n Easily installed using:

l 1 CM-01

l 1 multi-button controller

l 1 TIM-01 (optional)


Control your gas fireplace from your couch