Using a Handheld IR to Control Your UPB Lighting

n Convenience—control your lighting from the same handheld that controls your AV gear

n Economic—save money by easily turning off all unneeded lights

n Easily installed using:

l 1 IRU-01 IR to UPB Converter

l 1 SPIM-01 Serial Interface Module

l Various UPB lighting control devices

l Any Universal Remote

YOU HAVE A GREAT HOME THEATER, why not integrate lighting control to achieve the ultimate in comfort and convenience?  When you press the button on your universal remote to turn on and configure your AV gear, simultaneously have all the lights in your home go to the most pleasing setting to enjoy the activity, whether watching a movie, listening to music, or playing a video game.

No need to turn on a movie or music to experience the comfort of IR control over your UPB network.  Even if you prefer to quietly read a book in the evening, you can use your handheld IR remote to turn off unused lights, to turn the fireplace on or to start and stop ceiling fans for the ultimate in comfort.

Integrate lighting into your Home Theater scene.


IRU-01 IR to UPB Converter

SPIM-01 Serial Interface

Serial Cable