Landscape Lighting

n Convenience — no longer worry about power outages causing your landscape light timers to be incorrect

n Safety and Security—make sure your yard is lit at the right time every night

n Easily installed using:

l 1 Appliance module

l 1 Desktop controller

l Intelligent controller (optional)

l 1 Computer interface module (optional)

Plug the cord from the landscape lighting transformer into the appliance module.

Remove the timer from the transformer, or set the pins so they are always on. Now, you can control the landscape lights manually, using your desktop

For the best results, allow the lights to turn on using the light sensor, but turn them off at midnight using the intelligent controller.

ARE YOUR LANDSCAPE LIGHTS always coming on at the wrong time? Most landscape lighting systems use a transformer with a built in mechanical timer that uses small push pins to indicate when the lights are to be on within a 24 hour cycle. Unfortunately, the mechanical timer stops whenever there is a power outage. After a few power outages, your landscape light timer can be wildly inaccurate.

A landscape light system that uses a light sensor to determine when to come on may not be a perfect solution to this problem. You may want the lights off late in the evening to save energy, or you might want to turn them on early for special occasions.


Take control of your landscape lighting.