IF YOU’RE MISSING A 3-WAY SWITCH at a location where one would be oh-so-handy, fear not.  UPB can solve the problem without requiring any new wires.  As long as there is a switch controlling another circuit near the location where you would love to have a 3-way, just install UPB dimmers on both circuits, then snap a double rocker faceplate on the dimmer at the desired 3-way location.  Program the switch controlling the missing 3-way circuit to turn the circuit on to your desired intensity level when Linkxxx is received on the power line.  Now program the other switch (in the missing 3-way location) to send out Linkxxx when the right-most rocker is pressed.  Voila!  You have just added a 3-way where one should have been installed in the first place.   The double rocker allows you to individually control the porch and dining room lights from a single location.

You do not have to buy a separate switch to convert a Web Mountain Universal Transceiver from single rocker to double rocker operation.  Simply buy the double rocker faceplate and use UPStart to inform the switch that it has a new configuration.  No need to trip a circuit breaker or pull the switch out of the wall to make this type of change.

Missing 3-Way

If you want to be able to control the porch and dining room lights separately, but also want to control BOTH circuits from BOTH switch locations, replace the double rocker near the porch door with a triple rocker and replace the single rocker near the entry to the dining room with a double rocker.

n Convenience—turn off lights from either end of a room

n Economic—avoid leaving lights on because the light switch is too far away for convenient access

n Easily installed using:

l 2 UPB transceivers

l 1 double-rocker faceplate

l 1 single-rocker faceplate

Provide the convenience of 3-way light switches even on circuits that were not wired for a 3-way

Note that the dining room lighting circuit is only connected to one switch.

Put a double rocker on the porch circuit to implement 3-way switching.