LIGHT UP THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR HOUSE when you hear a noise or strategically situated motion detectors indicate unwanted activity.  For cost-saving and sleep-inducing reasons you don’t want your home’s exterior bathed in light all night long.  But to deter ne’er-do-wells it’s comforting to have exterior lights that will come on automatically, or that you can turn on when you deem it necessary.  Simple security lights with built in motion detectors will not offer you the ability to turn them on remotely, nor will they stay on at your pleasure.  With UPB you have the best of both worlds—motion activation and complete manual control.  Use the trigger feature on the TIM-01 UPB Timer to automatically turn the lights off a few minutes after motion has ceased.

To enable motion detection, use an outdoor-rated motion detector that opens and closes contacts and connect it (with low voltage wire) to a CM-01 UPB Combination IO module.  Program the IO module to send a UPB Link when the contacts close, thereby turning on exterior lighting and possibly also warning lights inside the house.

Use a tabletop controller to manually turn the security lights on or off.

Outdoor Security Lights

n Security—turn on outdoor security lights (either automatically or manually) when strange noises indicate mischief

n Safety—light up the outdoors when a family member arrives home late or has after-dark chores to do

n Easily installed using:

l 1 or more UPB lighting modules

l 1 UPB combination IO module

l 1 UPB Timer

l Outdoor rated motion detectors

l 1 UPB tabletop controller (optional)

Light is a bad guy’s biggest fear—light up your exterior when conditions warrant

1:00 am

After motion is detected