Party Scene

n Comfort enhance your party by setting all lights to the most enjoyable levels

n Convenience — turn lights on and off from your kitchen or any other convenient locaiton

n Savings—easily turn off all unused lights in the house when partying in one room

n Easily installed using:

l 1 wall mount controller

l Wall dimmers

l Various other UPB modules (optional)

WHEN IT’S PARTY TIME make the evening memorable by setting all the lights in the house to the right level.  Kitchen lights need to be on high, but living room, deck and dining room lights should be lowered to enhance the mood.  Basement lights might need to be brought up for games and dancing.  Bathroom lights could be dimmed and bathroom fans turned on so guests don’t have to fumble for the controls.  Make sure to turn off all the lights that you don’t need and set the others for the most pleasant experience.  Experiment with your lighting until you get just the right settings, then commit those settings to a UPB link to create a repeatable scene.  Customize different scene settings for different types of parties—UPB allows you to include every light in up to 16 different scenes.


Use a wall mount controller in the kitchen to select the correct Party Scene.  The same controller can control a variety of other scenes, all from the convenience of the kitchen.

Create the perfect party mood by setting all your lights

just so.