Peace-of-Mind Vacation Lighting

n Safety and Security—house looks lived in while the homeowner is on vacation

n Easily installed using:

l 2 Lamp modules

l 1 Appliance module

l 1 Computer interface module

l Intelligent controller

YOU WORKED HARD to get where you are in life. Now it’s time to treat yourself with that long awaited vacation.  While you are away, protect your home effectively and easily with lighting controls. 

Setup lamp modules to turn on lamps in the Master Bedroom or Den.  Use an appliance module to turn on a radio. Use the timer function to program the lamps and radio to turn on at seemingly random times to make the house look lived in.

Make it appear that you are watching TV or listening to the radio at
7 PM.  Maybe even turn a light on for added effect. Then, one by one, the lights and appliances go off, suggesting you are turning in for the night. The bad guys think you’re at home, never suspecting that you and your wife are dancing the night away in some far off vacation spot!

You may be on vacation, but your home keeps on working. Make it look lived in while away!