Controlling UPB Lighting from the

RTI RP6 Controller

n Convenience — turn lights on or off as you turn on your audio and video equipment

n Economic— Use your existing RP6 Controller to control not only audio and video equipment but also lights and appliances

n Easily installed using:

l RTI RP6 Controller

l RTI SM-232 Serial Port Expander

l 1 UPB Serial Computer Iinterface  module (SPIM-01)

l We highly recommend installing UPB lighting devices in the movie viewing area

l Additional UPB devices as desired

Push a button on your RTI remote and turn on your Movie scene, including dimming the lights

WHEN YOU WANT TO WATCH A MOVIE,  wouldn’t it be nice to push a button on your remote control and not only turn on the television and DVD player, but also dim down the lights?  If you are using the RTI RP6 Remote Control Processor, now you can!

In order to do this, you will need an RTI CM-232 Serial Communication module, a WMT SPIM-01 UPB Computer Interface Module, and UPB devices to control your lighting and appliances.

First, connect the RTI CM-232 Serial Communications Module to the RTI RP6 Remote Control Processor.  Configure the CM-232 as such:

Baud 4800
parity None
bits data: 8 stop 1

Connect the DB9 connector on the CM-232 unit to the DB9 connector on the SPIM-01 and plug the SPIM-01 into an AC power outlet. Now, the RP6 unit can be programmed to send a serial string out over the RS-232

The serial string will look like this:

             NN = the Network ID
             LL = the Link ID
             cc = the UPB command (Activate or Deactivate)
             ss = the checksum

Web Mountain has made this easy by providing a UPB Serial Command Generator on its website.  Just go to, click on Support, then click on the bottom item, UPB Command Wizard.

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