This is the screen you will see when you click on UPB Command Wizard from the website.  Merely enter in your network ID, the Link ID you want, and select the command—Activate or Deactivate, then click on “Generate”.  You will get the screen below with your serial string generated.

The serial string will be something like:


It is important that the <ctrl-t> command generate a hex 14, so to make it more straightforward for the RP6, send the following command from the RP6 (replace the ctrl-t and cr with their actual hex values):


Where the \x means the next 2 characters are hex  and the \r represents the carriage return. Replace the other characters with the string provided by the UPB Command Wizard.

Web Mountain would like to thank Vincent Davis of Aspentech Pro in Denver and the personnel at RTI for their assistance in providing  the necessary information and for testing the implementation.  If you need more details, please contact Web Mountain. >>Page 1