Remote Kitchen Timer

n Convenience—work in other parts of the house while your meal cooks in the kitchen

n Safety—avoid burned food (or worse) by being alerted to the finish of a cooking cycle

n Easily installed using:

l 1 SW-7 in the kitchen

l 1 WC-5 on the SW-7 in the kitchen

l 1 TIM-01-A

l Various UPB lighting controllers in other rooms in the house


SETTING A KITCHEN TIMER is only effective if you’re near the kitchen when the buzzer rings.  If you’ve got something in the oven but want to go to the office or the basement to work on another project, how do you make sure you don’t miss the signal that your dinner is ready?  One way to avoid that burned roast that could result if you’re too absorbed with other activities is to have your UPB system alert you to check the timer at regular intervals.

Start by installing a 1-rocker/4-button faceplate on one of the UPB light switches in the kitchen.  Designate one (or more) of the buttons to be your timer reminder.  Program the button so it Activates LinkXXX when you single-tap it and deactivates LinkXXX when you double-tap it.  Now set up two triggers on a TIM-01-A timer: one to wait 10 minutes after the LinkXXX Activate and one to wait 20 minutes after the LinkXXX Deactivate.  After the delay period, have the timer trigger a LinkYYY Blink to blink the lights in the area where you will be working (or the whole house if you have lots of possible work stations).  Set up two more triggers on the Timer.  One will wait 10 minutes and 5 seconds after a LinkXXX Activate, the other will wait 20 minutes and 5 seconds after a LinkXXX Deactivate.  In both cases, send a LinkYYY Deactivate to stop the blinking.

If you set your kitchen timer for 10-15 minutes, single-tap the appropriate button on your wall controller before you leave the kitchen.  If you set the timer for 20-30 minutes, double-tap the button before leaving the kitchen.  10 (or 20) minutes later, the lights in your work area will start blinking, then, 5 seconds later, go off.  This is your cue to get back to the kitchen to enjoy the fruits of your culinary labor.


Be productive in another room while your dinner cooks to perfection

WC-5 1-rocker/4-button faceplate

TIM-01-A timer