Router Reboot

n Convenience—reboot your router from your desk

n Security—keep the hackers away by turning off your router when you’re away from home

n Easily installed using:

l 1 AM-01 appliance module

l 1 UPB desktop controller

l TIM-01 timer (optional)

ROUTERS DON’T RUN WINDOWS, but they occasionally suffer hangs very reminiscent of that much loved/hated operating system.  When your Internet or LAN performance is flaky, the best bet is to reboot your router.  Rebooting is easy enough to do, but if your router is in the basement or tucked behind office equipment it can be a pain.  Take the pain out of the process by plugging your router into a UPB appliance module.  Now program one button on a desktop controller to turn that appliance on and off under your command.

To enhance your network’s security, why not turn the router off when you’re on vacation or even over night?  That way no one can hack into your network while you’re away or asleep.


Save trips to the basement by rebooting your router remotely.

To compensate for the times when you forget to turn the router off,  consider adding a TIM-01 timer to turn the router off late at night and back on early in the morning.  The TIM-01 offers incredible flexibility, enabling you to set up elaborate time-of-day and day-of-week schedules.  It also supports a trigger function that allows you to suspend scheduled programs when you want to browse the Internet at unusual times of the day or night.