Secure Entry Package

n Safety and security never come home to a dark house again

n Easily installed using:

l 1 input/output module

l 1 magnetic contact sensor

l One or more controlled lights

l Intelligent controller (optional)

l 1 Computer interface module (optional)

ARE YOU WORRIED about a family member coming home late at night to a dark house? Set up a secure entry system with UPB.

Get a magnetic contact closure, mount the wired side to the frame of the garage door, and mount the matching piece to the actual garage door.  There are different types of magnetic contact closure devices, but the easiest to set up is the type where the contact closure is open when the two pieces are in close proximity to each other. 

Now, when the garage door is closed, the contacts are open, but
when the garage door is opened, the contacts close.  The wires from the contact closure are connected to one of the inputs on an input/output module. 

The module detects the contact closure and sends out a UPB signal that can be used to activate a scene or link.  This scene or link could turn on any controlled lights within the house.

With an intelligent controller, such as the Web Mountain RUC-01 Remote Universal Controller you could then turn off the lights after five minutes. Safety and convenience courtesy of UPB!

Turn on lights in your home when the garage door opens.