1. You have several water features in your yard.  These water features have pumps that cause water to flow through them.  Normally, the water features are turned on during the day, but turned off at night.  However, the temperature tonight is going to get to freezing, so you would like the pumps to run in order to keep the pipes and valves from freezing.   What is worse, if you are traveling there may be no one at home to turn on the pumps.  Use the RANCO unit to detect the temperature, set it to trigger at 35 degrees, and connect the relay contacts to an IO module.  When the relay changes states, indicating near-freezing temperatures, the IO module will send out an appropriate link command to turn on an appliance module, which turns on the pumps.

2. You live in a rural environment, and your water source is a well with a pump.  You have a well house, where the pump connects to the piping.  Again, you are worried about freezing temperatures.  Use the RANCO temperature sensor to sense outdoor freezing temperatures, and use the IO module to turn on a 150W light bulb inside the well house, thereby keeping the temperature above freezing in the well house.

3. You are going to be gone for an extended period of time and you are worried about the freezer in your garage.  In this freezer, you have several hundred dollars of frozen food.  Run the probe wire from the RANCO temperature sensor through the seals on the freezer door. Mount the main electronic unit outside the freezer, provide power to the unit and run its contact closures to an IO module.  Set the temperature to 30 degrees F, but in this case, you want to know when the temperature gets above this set point.  Now, with an intelligent controller, use the IO module to send a link to the controller which triggers it to send an email to your cell phone warning you that there is a problem with your freezer.


Caution:  Carefully consider the logic on your controller when you implement this application.  For example, if you have a controller set up to turn off the pumps at night, but the temperature gets to freezing in the afternoon causing the pumps to be turned on before dusk, the controller will automatically turn them off at dusk thereby negating the benefit you are trying to achieve by running the pumps during cold weather.  If you are using the WMT TIM-01 as your controller, have the link that turns on the pumps from the temperature sensor also suspend the program that normally turns the pumps off at dusk.

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Using UPB to Control Devices based upon Temperature