Wireless interface to UPB

n Convenience—turn on / off lights from anywhere, including outside

n Economic—save money by turning off lights in unoccupied rooms

n Safety and Security—light up a dark house from the safety of your car

n Easily installed using:

l 1 or more DXT series transmitters

l 1 DXR-702 wireless receiver

l 1 UPB CM-01 IO module

YOU NOW HAVE A NICE UPB INSTALLATION in your home.  However, wouldn’t it be nice to have lighting controlled by a wireless motion detector, or a handheld keyfob unit?  You can do this using our wireless interface units, the DXR-702 receiver, the DXT-23 wireless handheld transmitter, the DXT-42 wireless keyfob transmitter, the DXT-54 wireless motion

Detector unit, and the CM-01 UPB Combo Input Output module.  The wireless receiver unit provides relay contact closure outputs that can be connected to the IO module.  Now, when you press a button on one of the transmitters, or motion is detected, the receiver sees the wireless signal, closes its contacts, the IO module detects the contact closure, and sends out a UPB Link signal on the powerline network to control lights, appliances etc.

Provide a means to wirelessly control UPB Devices.